It’s a brave new world…

old-whisky-barrel-olivier-le-queinecIn the past twelve months, I have acquired a new job, a husband, and (soon!) a daughter. It’s been a wild year; I wouldn’t call it a roller coaster because it has been mostly ups. But I’ve lost some things too. I don’t live the party life quite like I used to, I miss Kansas City and my friend family there, and I miss writing. So in the interest of vanity and self-indulgence, I’ve finally started my own blog.

I intend to catalog of lot of different things here – a few old standards for me (music and live show reviews, political commentary), but I also hope to include some new perspectives. I currently work with Grandstand Sportswear & Glassware, a company focused on marketing and branding for the craft beer and micro-distillery industry. I’ve learned a lot about the brewing industry in the nine months that I’ve been there, and I have quite a bit to say about current trends in design, promotional events, and the effects of social media on what feels like one of the only thriving industries in the current economy. I’ll lay those thoughts out here, as well.

In the mean time, it’s March Madness, and living in Lawrence, that madness is unavoidable. Just don’t tell the KU Jayhawk basketball team that I didn’t pick them in the office bracket pool to win the tournament (I cheated, and I took The New York Times’ writer Nate Silver’s advice). Rock Chalk!